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const LV2UI_Descriptor* lv2ui_descriptor ( uint32_t  index )

A plugin UI programmer must include a function called "lv2ui_descriptor" with the following function prototype within the shared object file. This function will have C-style linkage (if you are using C++ this is taken care of by the 'extern "C"' clause at the top of the file). This function will be accessed by the UI host using the dlsym() function and called to get a LV2UI_UIDescriptor for the wanted plugin.

Just like lv2_descriptor(), this function takes an index parameter. The index should only be used for enumeration and not as any sort of ID number - the host should just iterate from 0 and upwards until the function returns NULL or a descriptor with an URI matching the one the host is looking for.

Definition at line 67 of file gate_gui.cpp.


      if (!gate_guiDescriptor) { init_gui(); }

      switch (index) {
            case 0:
                  return gate_guiDescriptor;
                  return NULL;

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