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ui.h File Reference

#include "lv2.h"
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struct  _LV2UI_Descriptor


#define LV2_UI_URI   "http://lv2plug.in/ns/extensions/ui"


typedef void * LV2UI_Controller
typedef struct _LV2UI_Descriptor LV2UI_Descriptor
typedef const LV2UI_Descriptor *(* LV2UI_DescriptorFunction )(uint32_t index)
typedef void * LV2UI_Handle
typedef void * LV2UI_Widget
typedef void(* LV2UI_Write_Function )(LV2UI_Controller controller, uint32_t port_index, uint32_t buffer_size, uint32_t format, const void *buffer)


const LV2UI_Descriptorlv2ui_descriptor (uint32_t index)

Detailed Description

C header for the LV2 UI extension <http://lv2plug.in/ns/extensions/ui>.

Definition in file ui.h.

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