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LV2UI_Handle(* _LV2UI_Descriptor::instantiate)(const struct _LV2UI_Descriptor *descriptor, const char *plugin_uri, const char *bundle_path, LV2UI_Write_Function write_function, LV2UI_Controller controller, LV2UI_Widget *widget, const LV2_Feature *const *features)

Create a new UI object and return a handle to it. This function works similarly to the instantiate() member in LV2_Descriptor.

descriptorThe descriptor for the UI that you want to instantiate.
plugin_uriThe URI of the plugin that this UI will control.
bundle_pathThe path to the bundle containing the RDF data file that references this shared object file, including the trailing '/'.
write_functionA function provided by the host that the UI can use to send data to the plugin's input ports.
controllerA handle for the plugin instance that should be passed as the first parameter of write_function.
widgetA pointer to an LV2UI_Widget. The UI will write a widget pointer to this location (what type of widget depends on the RDF class of the UI) that will be the main UI widget.
featuresAn array of LV2_Feature pointers. The host must pass all feature URIs that it and the UI supports and any additional data, just like in the LV2 plugin instantiate() function. Note that UI features and plugin features are NOT necessarily the same, they just share the same data structure - this will probably not be the same array as the one the plugin host passes to a plugin.

Definition at line 141 of file ui.h.

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