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Public Attributes

_LV2UI_Descriptor Struct Reference

#include <ui.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* cleanup )(LV2UI_Handle ui)
const void *(* extension_data )(const char *uri)
LV2UI_Handle(* instantiate )(const struct _LV2UI_Descriptor *descriptor, const char *plugin_uri, const char *bundle_path, LV2UI_Write_Function write_function, LV2UI_Controller controller, LV2UI_Widget *widget, const LV2_Feature *const *features)
void(* port_event )(LV2UI_Handle ui, uint32_t port_index, uint32_t buffer_size, uint32_t format, const void *buffer)
const char * URI

Detailed Description

This struct contains the implementation of a UI. A pointer to an object of this type is returned by the lv2ui_descriptor() function.

Definition at line 111 of file ui.h.

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